Maintenance report good news for commissioners
Pulaski County maintenance supervisor Jeff Johnston was the bearer of good news at the commissioners’ meeting on Monday.

Johnston gave commissioners an update on several projects that were stalled either because of red tape, looking for different options or a lack of funding. Those projects included the roof repairs of the courthouse and the justice center, a generator for the health department and drainage problems at the EMS building and recycling center.

“We had a lot of good news. A lot of projects are coming to an end or are being completed which is Click to continue reading…

New laws will soon affect mopeds, scooters
New laws will affect those who use mopeds and scooters to get around town as of the first of the year.

The law not only requires operators to register the motor driven cycles with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV), but it will also require operators to have a valid driver’s license with motorcycle endorsement or pass a written exam at the BMV depending on the classification of the cycle.

The new law also Click to continue reading…

Public hearing next step for EPCSC facility improvements project
Eastern Pulaski Community School Corporation board members are ready to share information regarding a facility improvement project with the community as they approved the advertising of a public hearing.

During a regular meeting Monday, board members approved to schedule a public hearing in regards to the facility improvements and costs for Monday, Sept. 29.

School board members watched a quick electronic presentation that was a condensed version ofthe many topics board members have already discussed, such as the primary focus of the project.

According to the presentation, given by a representative from Gibraltar Design and a financial advisor of Umbaugh, the project involves Click to continue reading…

West Central schools plan on improvement
West Central School Corporation administration, staff and school board members have a plan and they are ready to use it as the new school year is underway.

During a regular school board meeting on Sept. 4, the board approved three school improvement plans, one for each school building.

The plans are based on a variety of test data including I-STEP and SATs that are taken by the high schoolers.

Elementary school principal Dan Zylstra and middle and high school principal Pat Culp discussed the goals with the school board and why those particular goals were set.

For the elementary school, Zylstra said they took a look at the I-STEP scores recognizing Click to continue reading…

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