County home continues to stir up emotions
Fingers were pointed at the Pulaski County Commissioners’ meeting, in regards to which commissioner supports the county home.

On Monday, commissioners talked about what the next step for the closing of the Pleasant View Rest Home is and who will spearhead it. There was also discussion as to why two of the commissioners didn’t support the home.

Commissioners were asked why they are not stopping the council from closing the home. The council decided to eliminate the funding for the home in October and then again at the council meeting on Dec. 8. Although the council eliminated the funding, a plan was not established as to how the home would be closed.

“As a board it never came to us, as to whether to keep it open or closed,” said commissioner Click to continue reading…

Town council approves leasing triangular property
A proposed lease of the newly acquired triangular property was approved by the Winamac Town Council and will now be presented to the Pulaski County YMCA board.

The town recently acquired a small patch of property at Riverside and 15th streets. At this time, the town doesn’t have any plans for the property, but the YMCA would like to use it for a permanent sign.

The proposed lease of $100 a year was approved during a regular meeting on Dec. 8.

The lease will now be presented to the YMCA board for their approval. At this time, the YMCA board hasn’t made any final decisions regarding the project. Click to continue reading…

Local teachers recognized by state for performance
High-performing teachers are reaping the rewards of their hard work as the state is releasing the fi rst distribution of the teacher performance grants.

Locally, more than 100 teachers from the Eastern Pulaski Community and the West Central school corporations will be receiving a performance grant for being highly effective or effective.

The state has awarded more than 1,300 schools with $30 million to thousands of teachers.

To qualify for the performance grant, schools must have students who earned Click to continue reading…

Council approves 90 days of funding for county home
Discussion regarding the county home ensued during a Pulaski County Council meeting on Monday, but the issue of the home may not be resolved like a majority of those in the audience were hoping for.

A motion was made to keep the Pleasant View Rest Home funded for an additional 90 days starting after the new year.

The funding will come from an additional appropriation. The cost of how much it will be to run the home for three months has not been determined yet.

Councilwoman Alex Haschel questioned Click to continue reading…

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