The staff at the Pulaski County Journal offers you a multitude of ways to promote your business or event. Want to congratulate someone or let the community know about a cause that's important to you? We can do that too!

Contact us at or 574-946-6628 for personalized assistance for all your advertising needs or to request a rate card.

Mechanical requirements for our printed publications: SAU measurements, with a page width of 6 columns [10.25"] and depth of [16"]. Allow for Journal dateline of [0.5"] and Independent dateline of [0.25".] Gutter is [0.167"].

1 col:1.569" / 2 col: 3.306" / 3 col: 5.042" / 4 col: 6.778" / 5 col: 8.514" / 6 col: 10.25"

Acceptable formats for digital images: (.tif) (.jpg) (.psd) (.eps) (.pdf) (.ai) with minimum resolution of 200 pixels per inch at final dimensions.

Deadlines: Friday before 5 p.m. for display advertising to appear in the following Wednesday's edition of the Pulaski County Journal.  Please inquire about altered holiday deadlines.

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