An early photograph (1917) of the Pulaski County mastodon from the memorabilia of Judge John G. Reidelbach and used in his history. This photo is from the Pulaski County Historical Museum website from the article, “The First Mastodon.”

A Groundbreaking Discovery

Residents learn about Pulaski County mastodon, Indiana Ice Age

Who ever said time travel isn't real? Attendants to the Pulaski County Historical Society's annual program were transported back nearly two and half million years ago on Thursday to explore what life was like in a time when mastodons and other prehistoric animals freely roamed the Earth. Dr. Catalina Tomé is currently a curator of paleobiology at the Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites. For those who aren't familiar with what that is, a paleobiologist studies the history of the Earth through its fossil record. She presented information on Thursday about the Pulaski County mastodon on display at the Smithsonian, The Lewis Mastodon and other facts about fossils and the Ice Age.

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